latin : (noun) verification, proof, corroboration.

About Us

Confirmatio™ is a company with a Dermatology focused IP portfolio of both patents and patent pending FDA exempt ideas and creations in various evolutionary stages: from sketch to prototype to testing to licensing for use in the field of dermatology.

Our Goal

At Confirmatio™, our goal is...
Creations, inventions, and just plain old good ideas to improve patient safety, reduction in surgical errors, and enhance profitability focused on the field of dermatology.

Our Inventor and His Team

Steven M. Hacker, MD, has been awarded several patents and is the inventor and creator of Confirmatio™. Dr. Hacker is a board certified dermatologist with over 20 years of clinical experience and creator of innovative companies, (owned by Walgreens) and PassportMD (owned by Verisk Analytics). Our Confirmatio™ team is a bunch of talented, hungry, designers, engineers, and artists committed to improving patient safety and reduction in surgical errors.

Our Pipeline

Confirmatio™ is focused on the field of dermatology with intellectual property invented and developed by the founder, Steven M. Hacker MD, including an IP portfolio consisting of both patents and patent pending FDA exempt products in various stages of development with the following dermatology focused purposes:
1) Verification,
2) Prevention,
3) Safety,
4) Profitability,
5) Vision & illumination.

If you have an Idea... Contact Us

If you have a product idea and would like the Confirmatio™ team of inventors, designers, engineers, patent attorneys, and medical entrepreneurs evaluate the suitability of adding your product to our Confirmatio™ portfolio, then email us, we will sign a mutual NDA to protect confidentiality, and then we will consider the attributes to see if your idea fits our Confirmatio™ portfolio. If it does, then we can help you take it from concept to reality including prototyping, beta testing, and patent pending submission to